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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

More From Sylvan Dell

Children love these books from Sylvan Dell. I took my reviewer's copies to a preschool class where I occasionally substitute teach. The children read them over and over at nap time, passing them from mat to mat! Before I give you the next two reviews I want to thank my son Robin who is much more of a tekkie than I am. He helped me set up my blog eventhough he lives in London and I live in New Mexico! Here's his blog site: Because he's an environmental conservationist I thought his blogs and web site [see the link on his blog] dovetail nicely with the nature messages of Sylvan Dell!

Carolina’s Story: Sea Turtles Get Sick Too!
Did you know that sea turtles can get sick, just like you? To get better they need to say "Ahhh," get shots, and stay in a warm bed of water. This book shows the young reader how Carolina, a sea turtle, was found sick on a beach, and veterinarian Dr. Tom and the team at the Sea Turtle Hospital helped her to get better so she could return to the sea!
The wonderful detailed photographs by Barbara J. Bergwerf dramatize Carolina’s story told lovingly in the text by author Donna Rathmell. Extra fun activities and facts are included at the back. Children 3 - 7 years of age will enjoy this book, as will their parents. Teachers can readily use the book in the classroom as a unit in itself or part of a sea life unit.

Christmas Eve Blizzard
Christmas Eve Blizzard reads like a folktale, which makes one think that this story about Nicholas rescuing a nearly frozen cardinal really happened. The delicate illustrations by Emanuel Schongut are as informative as the text by Andrea Vlahakis. The text and illustrations blend well together, a sign of successful picture books.
In addition the story is multicultural with Spanish words included for bi-lingual families and classrooms. Further information and activities are provided at the end for young readers, teachers, and parents. What a lot of fun families and classes will have making bird feeders and enhancing outdoor environments to make them more bird friendly. Children 5 – 8 years old will delight in this book all winter long, not just at Christmas.

More books from Sylvan Dell soon! Enjoy your day!


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