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Monday, August 07, 2006

Resumes for Children? Cool Concept!

When my children were young I tried to find ways to boost their self -esteem and to help them find their deep-seated interests. Before that when I was young, oh so many years ago now, self-esteem and finding one's life-long dream was an alien concept. It would never have occurred to me that I could become a writer, an artist, an astronaut, or a pilot. Today's children, thanks to a broader educational programs and that thing we call television, which can be both a blessing and a bane, know they have scads of choices. However, today's world is ever so much more complex and I observe some children can get lost in all the choices. Now, there's a book that can help organize the choices, preferences, and talents of children.
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Resumes for Children
Resumes for children, what a good idea! Donna Kristine Manley, in her desire to support children in this ever more complex world, has come up with an idea so simple and so useful one wonders why it has not been thought of before.
Ms. Manley says it herself on page vii, "Parents can boost their children's self-esteem by taking the time to capture their accomplishments, activites, gifts, talents, and interests on paper." A resume for a child is an important addtition to report cards that only record a child's academic standing at one given point in time. A grade of"C", for instance, doesn't necessarily mean a child is average. Perhaps that semester her parents were divorced or the family moved from another state. However, a resume documents a child's achievements, goals, and budding interests beyond the academic and over a period of time.
Resumes for Children is an organized and highly practical book with 21 sample resumes plus sample references and cover letters. And, there are blank pages where children can jot notes, brainstorm, and draft their resumes. Not only will the book show children and their parents and teachers how to write resumes, but it will also be an enlightening read for children who may want ideas on what it is possible for them to achieve at their young age. They will see how other children turned their hobbies into income or became teen pilots, marine biologists, or radio broacasters. Ideas are limitless.
Do consider this remarkable and highly recommended book for your child. Teachers will also find it to be a useful writing lesson, or can make it a basis for a unit in English or Social Studies. Go to Kris' web site to see more about the book at


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