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Friday, February 02, 2007

Winter Cheer

I loved receiving this cheerful, enchanting book to review! How it has brightened these winter days. I can't remember so much snow and overcast days since I moved to my high mountain, desert paradise. Most days the snow is so brilliant and beautiful with sparkles in it just like the mica ones we used to put on paintings as children. It sparkles against the brilliant blue sky and is lively with magpies, crows, and the intrepid neighbor's dogs frolicking in it. Best of all is the icicle that has grown to 3 feet outside my window! Who needs crystals with such icicles.
Someday I may have grandchildren, and when I do this book, and its CD will be here waiting for them. In the meantime I'll read it to my little friends from my former preschool and my friend's preschool class. Happy Groundhog's Day, Valentines, Presidents Day, and all else February brings you!

The Knot Fairy
Author: Bobbie Hinman
Illustrator: Kristi Bridgeman
Best Fairy Books, 2007
ISBN – 978-0-9786791-0-1

Do you believe in fairies? If you do, then you will love the Knot Fairy and her unique ability. Also, does your hair go into knots and tangles, especially when you are asleep? Why, of course it is the Knot Fairy! She just loves to tie knots! Read The Knot Fairy and listen to the CD to find out more about this fun, charming, and spirited fairy. (Shh, don’t tell. She has tangles in her hair too!)
Bobbie Hinman has written a book as fun, charming, and spirited as the Knot Fairy herself. A sweet, lively quality is also present in Kristi Bridgeman’s watercolor illustrations. The rhyming story flows, carrying the reader along, as do the cheerful, frolicking pictures. Together they make a page-turner of a book. The reader follows the Knot Fairy on every page, where she even ties knots in the dog and cat. She is sometimes hidden a bit, so the young booklover will enjoy hunting for her.
An added treat is the enclosed CD with the story read by Bobbie. There is also the endearing “The Knot Fairy Song” sung in such a clear, true voice by Bobbie, accompanied by her grandchildren. It is fun to sing-along. This is indeed a book to be cherished, and it is highly recommended for ages 2-8. Preschools, day care programs, and Kindergarten classrooms can also use the book for drama, music, and art.


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