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Friday, May 04, 2007

Let's not smoke....

I intensely dislike anyone preaching or lecturing me, so I try not to do it to others. However, when it comes to smoking I will get on a tiny soapbox. Why? Because both my parents died of smoking related diseases. It was awful to see that unnecessary suffering, especially in a family with considerable longevity. Each year I'm astonished to still see so many young people out in public smoking. That makes me so sad for them, their health, and for those who suffer the second hand smoke. I hope that Cliff Beaman's book, aimed for the ten year and up age group, those most susceptible to think that smoking is cool, will be used to help people understand that it isn't cool, just dangerous.
I'm not a scientist, but I was wondering the other day, that if all smoking stopped on the planet how much would that reduce global warming? It certainly would help to some degree!

The Boy Who Grew Too Small
Author: Cliff Beaman
High-Pitched Hum Publishing, Jacksonville, FL
ISBN: 09777290-4-4, $12.95, 51 pages, ppbk, 2006

The Boy Who Grew Too Small: is it a tale in five minutes or three days? Jeremy thinks smoking is cool when he notices the big high school boys puffing away. Lance, a new teen in town, gives him a pack of cigarettes. Should he try them? Follow Jeremy’s escapades and discover what he
finds out as he shrinks more everyday.
Cliff Beaman has written an un-apologetic tale about the hazards of smoking for young kids. It is peppered with his colorful, lively drawings that add fun and drama to the story. On his website Mr. Beaman describes the assemblies he does for elementary students where he draws to the delight of the audience while showing the children how smoking is harmful, and not cool. For a chance to watch him draw go to . This book would be an important addition to health or social studies classes as well as a tool parents can use when talking to their children about not smoking. Recommended for ages 10 and older.


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