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Friday, July 27, 2007

Adventures in song (and England)

Hello! I'm in London visiting my son and doing some research on my own books! I lived here for 12 years in the 70's, so it really is more like coming home for me. I'll only be traveling out of London once this time, to do some research in Stratford upon Avon & to visit a writer friend in Suffolk. My artist friend, my best friend here, Elly, will come up to London to visit with me & we'll spend the day chattering away & visiting the Summer Show at the Royal Academy of Art!

My very first blog featured a delightful book called Hello, I'm Sir Frettirick! Now I have the great pleasure of reviewing the CD that Lou Stratten created to accompany the book! I wished I had the set when I was teaching. I know my little students would have loved singing along while the read the book. I'm not that much of a musician, but I think Lou has a terrific, clear singing voice. How can you not want to join in singing with her!

Hello, I’m Sir Frettirick! CD

The Hello, I’m Sir Frettirick! book now has a delightful CD to accompany it. All young readers will enjoy this addition and will follow the words in the book as Lou Stratten sings the very clear and understandable lyrics to them on the CD. The rhythm is so enthusiastic that one wants to immediately tap one’s foot and sing along.

The book written by Lou Stratten and illustrated by Lou and Sal Denaro has delightful multi-colored text with vivacious collage pictures. The characters, Fretti, Lion, Mama Bear, and Skunkooney in collage are as friendly and cuddly as their counterpart puppets are in person.

Lou Stratten’s talents have a wide range aimed not only to entertain young children, but also to educate. In the book and on the CD the young child learns part of the alphabet and about under water creatures, sounds, musical instruments, and recycling. All home and preschools would welcome the book and CD set for their young readers and listeners, ages 2 to 7.


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