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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Paperdoll Fun

I'm sorry that paper dolls aren't abundant in the stores now like when I was little. I had a huge collection of them, including favorites from other countries. I loved looking at and playing with the exotic costumes from places like Austria, Japan, and Africa. So, when Cat Whipple asked me to review her book about Indian Kitty and powwow dances, I jumped at the chance. I love the costumes. Do go to Cat's website below and look at her special book, and buy it.

Speaking of cats, I adopted two this week, a brother, Rudy, and a sister, Mimi. They belonged to Virginia Dooley who sadly passed away this last spring. Virginia had been a friend of the late Navajo artist, R. C. Gorman (R = Rudolph/ the cat Rudy after R.C.), and I worked at Gorman's Estate Auction this past week and heard of the cats. I said I'd have them sight unseen, & I haven't seen them since they came home as they are hiding in my attic space. However, I can hear them gallupeting up there! I'll let you know how they are doing and post photos when they come down & let me take a picture.

Have a super Labor Day!

Indian Kitty Powwow Princess

This unique book is such a pleasure to have in your home or school library as it is a combination paper doll and picture book with an excellent section explaining how powwows work. Indian Kitty is a powwow princess who is representing her tribe at powwows for a whole year. She has dance outfits that include a jingle dress as well as her pretty and practical daily clothes. There are also delightful accessories for Indian Kitty like her cell phone, a dance fan, and more. The “Indian Kitty Princess Powwow Guide” shows kitty dancers in action and defines different dances, how dances work, and powwow dance etiquette.

Cat Whipple has as author and illustrator has created an exceptional niche with this book that allows young readers to interact by playing with the Indian Kitty paper doll while learning about an important aspect of Native American tradition. Cat’s digital art will draw a child in with its straightforward shapes and lovely color combinations, effortlessly blending the modern and traditional. Her photos with kittens dancing are both fun and informative. Young children may even enjoy creating additional costumes on their own for Indian Kitty. This is a highly recommended book for a child, a Native American unit in a classroom for ages 7 – 10, or for the child in you of any age.

Author and Illustrator: Cat Whipple
EAN-13: 978143824254


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