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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Back Again With a Delightful Book!

I've been so amiss! As I opened my blog to post this review I was shocked that I hadn't done a review since July! In truth I got waylaid by doing my own art and writing and taking some courses toward my own creative goals. So, that is the great news. I finished the first draft of my transitional historical novel (YA into adult) and have completed four paintings.
Last summer the Oddie book followed me from London! I wish I had received it there as I would have rung the Oddie office and gone into meet the delightful staff that I have been e-mailing, especially Kate Bright who has been so patient and friendly. Next time I'm there I will for sure. As I told Kate if I had grandchildren
I would have the whole series of Oddie books and the socks and posters to match. They are not only fun, but draw children into reading! For those in America a few of the titles can be found, just ask at your local independent book store!

The Story of Oddie World

Now just where do all of our odd socks go? I bet you have looked everywhere for that lost sock: under your bed, in the laundry hamper, in the doggie’s bed. Well, in The Story of Oddie World, author – illustrator tells us just where the socks do go. They go to Oddie World.

In the story, a wizard just does not know what to do with his squabbling daughters, one a naughty witch and the other a good fairy. So he decides to make a good spell called Oddies to make people the best of friends. Does the spell work? How do we get to Oddie World? It is a delightful experience to read the book to find out.

The paperback book is in a 15 x 17 mm (6 x 6½ inch) format, easy for young beginning readers to hold while they look at the colorful graphic illustrations where the socks have wonderful body language and facial expressions. The prose flows and is in lovely harmony with the illustrations. This will be a happy read for children from 3 – 7 who will clamour to read all of the Oddie World books, such as Ballet Oddie and Horse Rider Oddie, for after all odd socks become to look like their owners. This book is highly recommended for children’s home libraries as well as classroom libraries.

Author and Illustrator: Grant Slatter
Oddies Limited, London, Great Britain, 2004
ISBN: 1-904745-11-3


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