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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Books that travel

Wow, I can't believe it's been a few months since I've written a book review. The wait is worth it for me as this new book by Micah Linton is a rare find. It just showed up in my mailbox one day! It almost makes me wish I were back teaching first grade in an inter-city school in Richmond, California where I had 8 different cultures and languages in my classroom as well as special needs. This volume would have been a wonderful tool in encouraging the children to create verbal and written language to enhance the fantastic illustrations that Micah Linton has created. I'm passing the set on to a friend who has grandchildren in Peru. I know she will have fun helping them to "read" the stories! Imagine the book in Peru!. Art, my boss at the bookshop said that someone contacted him who had found one of our shop bookmarks in Afganistan! Books do travel & are shared around the world. I wish each of you a most Happy Holiday Season, and Happy Reading in the new year!

Weebeastology Volume I
This three-story book set seems an enigma at first glance, as there are no written words except for the titles. Then, it becomes a beloved tale as the reader wanders into a new mythical land at the beginning of time where elves, gnomes, trolls, pixies, and other creatures are the weebeasts that explore, settle the land, and begin their own traditions and culture. This first volume in a projected series is an origin tale with the words to be filled in by the young reader, encouraging language development and a never-ending realm of storytelling where the child will make up names and adventures for the characters.

Micah Linton’s imaginative story and illustrations are vivid, compelling, and extraordinary. The rich watercolor illustrations allow the reader’s imaginative eye to roam, filling in the story as she goes. For instance in one illustration a weebeast is on a cliff opposite huge colorful beasts (or are they monsters?), on another cliff. What will happen? What is the weebeast saying? This set of books is a valuable contribution to a family library, a classroom language development center, and can be especially useful in an English as a Second Language setting. If you visit the web site, you will find even more delightful information as well as a weebeast plush toy to add to a child’s imaginative play. Weebeastology is highly recommended for children as young as preschoolers, who love to pour over pictures, up to middle to young high schoolers in an ESL or special education classes. Enjoy your read!

Author and Illustrator: Micah Linton
Beast Stew, 2008
ISBN: 978-0-9801888-1-3


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