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Saturday, August 31, 2013

I'm Inspired

As a writer I'm tempted to stay to an easy, believable plot, not rocking the boat. Yet, in my day dreams I sometimes see fantastical scenarios, characters from other planets and planes, and ordinary characters living extraordinary lives. That's why I'm so drawn to science fiction, fantasy, and mystery for young people. 
Do I secretly crave to write that way? I think so. Then, when I read a book like The Hunted, it gives me courage to think and write outside my safe box. Watch out, one day I may surprise you. 
It's nearly the end of summer. I hope you lived some of your dreams and read some books that will go on your all-time favorite list.

My review of The Hunted by Peter Clenott ~

In The Hunted the young reader is in for surprise, mystery, and scary thrills. It quickly becomes a page-turner as Suyape, an adopted teen from the Brazilian rainforest, discovers she has unusual communicative and psychic skills plus DNA that may be out of this world. Suyape lives in Maine with her adopted parents and sister Fabia. Fabia and Suyape look out for one another when strange people, terrifying animals, and events begin to show up and unsettle their former ordinary teen life. Before they know it, they are whisked to Brazil where both a mining and logging company, which wants Syape’s tribe’s land, and out-of-the-ordinary beings, called “Hunters,” want to kill them.

Author Peter Clenott has managed to combine mystery-thriller and science fiction with very good plotting and realistic, intelligent characters. Adults will enjoy it as well, so it could really be called a cross-over novel. Yes, it talks about the demise of the South American rainforest and non-contacted tribes around the world, but it is not preachy. In fact it may well create an interest in a teen, or in a classroom, to explore who and where non-contacted people live on our Earth, making it a study for a paper, unit, or as inspiration for creative writing. Naturally pure enjoyment comes first and foremost. This book is highly recommended for readers of all ages.


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