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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

We Need to Learn More

I had a little girl in my preschool years ago who was a little overweight. This puzzled me as the rest of her family was slim. Then, she was diagnosed with diabetes, and I was sad that I hadn't put 2 + 2 together before that. Old age diabetes runs along one side of my family, so I had never considered it in children. Ever since then, I have been more attuned to the alarming reports of the increase in childhood diabetes. The little preschooler was lucky because her mother knew how to go about educating herself and her children, but so many children out there have parents who don't know how to find out more, never mind having the time and money to purchase and cook healthy meals. I jumped at the chance to review this book in the hopes that it can be of immediate help to young diabetics and to their caregivers. Let's trust that we can begin to see a decrease in the statistics over the next few years.

Gigi Has Diabetes is a highly valuable book, especially considering the increase in the childhood diabetes cases in recent years. After she finds out that she has diabetes, Gigi and her mother buy a book that explains all about diabetes to children. This book does just the same in an edifying story that young readers and their parents can immediately relate to.

The book goes into the details about the diagnosis and management of diabetes in children. The colorful illustrations complement the tale with action and fun visual aids to reassure the young reader that diabetes can be handled in her everyday life. This is also a succinct tome for parents and caregivers to read in order to educate themselves and the diabetic children under their care. It is a must for all homes, classrooms, doctor’s offices, and clinics where there are diabetic children. It is well recommended for all ages with diabetes, but especially for young readers 7–12 years of age. 
Gigi Has Diabetes
Author: Elena Amato
Illustrator: Mariana Mastrorocco
Piccollo Medico, Inc., 2012
ISBN: 978-0-615-58353-2


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