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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Breaking Rules

 Lately I've been thinking a lot about breaking rules and beliefs, no not the big rules like driving on the right side of the road or talking in the movies, but ones that don't work anymore, like "children must be seen and not heard," or "the world is flat". Another way to put it is that it's wonderful to think outside the box. Like if children didn't speak up, the toddlers in my care wouldn't learn new words. If the world was still flat, how could we get to the moon easily? Or, if everyone behaved by rules, we wouldn't have had Einsteins, Orwell, Van Gogh, or the Wright Brothers. I love Hecky in this book as she's cheeky enough to break the rule of not going into FrogBog Forest. There she discovers the imaginative world of a talking frog. Maybe, when she grows up, she can bring that world into reality through writing a book or painting an illustration. Who knows where our curiosity can lead us!! What are you curious about today?
The Most Curious Girl in Her Class
“Frogs don’t talk!” Curious Hecky finds out that one does indeed talk! Hecky learns about FrogBog Forest and though warned against ever going there, she goes to assuage her perpetual curiosity. In the forest she and her younger brother Shmecky find Dennis Hopster frog who can talk because someone has read books to him.

The lovely line drawings with washes of color by artist Esteban Erlich both compliment and add to the text by author Herman Huber. The Most Curious Girl in Her Class makes a great early reader for 7-9 year olds, yet can be enjoyed from preschool years when parents and teachers read it aloud to their young listeners who are also learning new words, just like Dennis Hopster. The book can be used as well in a nature lesson with children spotting, naming, and categorizing the creatures in FrogBog Forest. Readers will look forward to the next adventures of Hecky and Shmecky.


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