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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

So Into Goats!!

I and my little toddler group have been into goats since last spring and now the goat herd lives at the local alternative high school where toddlers and teens care for goats, milk them, and make delicious cheeses and ice cream. It's of great mutual love and benefit. We've even learned that a favorite goat, Lovey, can "go to Heaven;" but then know that new baby goats will come this spring. For this reason  and more, we have loved reading about Tippy Tip and the special feelings he evokes in the children in the book as well as in his readers.

toddlers and teens love goats

Vanessa Roam has written a sweet and heart-felt story about how everyone and every creature can make a difference and have a role in the world in spite of disabilities. The illustrations echo the text. The book is aimed more for middle grade readers (8-10), although younger children and children with reading challenges will love for it to be read aloud to them. It is also recommended for the special education or integrated special education classroom.   
This book will be out on March 4th! Look for it or order it from your favorite independent book shop.

Tippy Tip
Author and Illustrator: Vanessa Roam
Tate Publishing, Mustang, OK, 2014
ISBN: 978-1-62994-708-2


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