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Monday, October 07, 2013

Don't Judge a Book by It's Cover

All my life, especially when I was a teen, I fought the outside image of me being a good girl when deep down I wanted to act like a rebel. I'm still working on that one. So, it was with great delight for me to follow the adventures and exploits of daring teen Chiku in Peter Clenott's new book. Do open the book, it's way better than it's cover however accurate the symbolism is. I wish I had been more of a rebel when I was a teen. How about you? What image did you give to the world then, and what image are you giving now? It's nearly Halloween so we can dress up in our favorite image!

Devolution is a most fascinating read, exciting and informative an only author Peter Clenott can convey. Chiku Flynn is a sixteen year old rebellious teen who harbors deep trauma and grief, some buried so deeply that all she can do is right wrongs or execute crazy, dangerous stunts, including dashing into danger. She was born in the Congo and virtually raised by the chimpanzees her parents were studying. She learns that her father is missing, perhaps dead. She goes to Africa and with the help of the three guys who have crushes on her as well as her beloved chimp family, who communicate with her in sign language, she uncovers numerous plots to destroy Chimp Island, the refugee camp, and even her own life.

This book, written for young adults, will keep its readers entranced. Peter Clenott expresses plot, character, and setting with convincing and thrilling results. Besides the great read there is information galore for readers to glean for their essays and to launch them into further research. This book is not to be missed, and would be proud to be on individual, classroom, and library shelves. 


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