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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Starting up again!

I am so excited to have time to write book reviews again! And I have a most beautiful duo of books by Benrali to talk about. I think I will never lose my love for childrens' books even though I am not creating any at the moment, rather concentrating on my own fine art and my novel. Do look for Benrali's books as she is an exquisite artist and brings a unique perspective to verse. Turtle's Dream and Keys is currently available, and Manni will be out in a few weeks.

The Turtle's Dream and Keys

Was there a time when giant box turtles carried the Earth on their back? Jupiter dreams of that time after he emerges from his winter hibernation and stops to rest beneath the ivy. He imagines what it was like to live in pre-historic times. Did strawberries grow then? He loves to eat them. The young reader will be enchanted to imagine along with Jupiter, the box turtle. He will also enjoy looking for the various dinosaurs, insects, and land and sea animals. Will he count time with the box turtle clock?

Benrali is an inspired, unique artist who illustrates in etchings, pen and ink, and Photoshop. Her intricate illustrations beckon the reader to pour over each page following the patterns and rich depictions of each object. This book is highly recommended for both home and school libraries, and is one that may well be kept into adulthood.

Only1earth, Inc., 2008

ISBN: 9780976335429

Manni: From a World Beyond Stars

Manni becomes separated from the other newly hatched sea turtles. How will he find his friends again? Will be be safe from dangers in the sea and on the land? A coconut finds Manni and they travel together, but how can a coconut be his friend and guide? You will be delighted to find out. Benrali weaves a poignant tale with both her words and pictures. Unlike any other picture book that rhymes, Benrali has written this picture book in the form of a ghazal, an Arabic, Indo-Persian form of poetry, which consists of rhyming couplets throughout the entire song or poem. It is a lovely rhythm, which falls easily off the tongue when read aloud.
The illustrations are superb, rich, ethereal, and jewel-like with muted silvers, blues, and corals executed in a combination of etching, pen and ink, and Photoshop. The young reader will take pleasure in following the intricacies of the patterns of trees and sea flora and fauna. He can also have fun spotting and naming the different creatures on each page. This book will be a valuable addition to a child's growing library and will be read and enjoyed from ages three through eight.
Dream Beyond Time, 2008


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