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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Children Can Recycle With Enthusiasm

I know, I know. It's been another long while since I blogged. Well, it's because I've been busy finishing my own book and beginning 2 more! Recycling is close to my heart as it is something my son and I did when he was younger, not to mention its extreme importance to the health of our planet. So when Giovanna's book came to my attention, I couldn't resist. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do:

With humorous antics in the illustrations, Rickie the Raccoon Learns About Recycling is an enjoyable story that helps young children learn how they can help to recycle in their homes and schools.

Rickie is a hungry young raccoon who, one evening, searches for food in garbage cans. Instead he is startled and knocks over a big green bin. Clatter, clunk, crash out comes its contents. What is Rickie to do with such a mess? His friend Carmen the Cat comes out to help him. Will you be able to help Rickie read the symbols on the side of each bin? Author Giovanna Lagana writes with passion about recycling through her characters Rickie and Carmen. She is able to stretch the young child’s vocabulary, comprehension, and willingness about how he can contribute to recycling.

The colored pencil illustrations by Angela are amazing in their depth, detail, and texture as they enhance the text. They make one want to reach out and stroke the cat and raccoon. The pictures will help parents and teachers encourage children to make their own colored pencil drawings. Teachers and parents will also find this an inspiring book for their children with its suggested tips and directions for further research and activities, and it is highly recommended for young children, ages 3 - 10.


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